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Hey guys! I'm Sasha and i'm here to grow as a writer and to get feedback! anyways, to tell you a little bit about myself i think the best way to do that is tell you about my favorite fandoms, and whom i ship in each one :D (not listed in any particular order)

1.) Teen Titans (BBRae, RobinxRedX, CyxJinx, RobStar)
2.) Sherlock (Johnlock {my OTP})
3.) Supernatural (Destiel) {my other OTP}
4.) Teen Wolf ( Scissac, Sterek {my other other OTP})
5.) Avatar The Last Airbender (Tokka, ZukoxAnyoneotherthanMai)
6.) Legend of Korra (Makorra, Borra)
7.)Avengers (Stony, Tony/Bruce)

There are many more but i dont feel like writing them all out :)

Most of my writing is BBRae at the moment, but that's soon to change. I have one Johnlock story and Destiel to come BUT I'm planning on posting a majority of my Johnlock on livejournal (inspiradaginger), and Destiel and Sterek on archive of our own (theinspiredginger)

i'm TOTALLY open to prompts so note me one or comment below!

obviously you don't have to watch me but if u do, don't unclick the journal box, because for everyone who comments on my journals they recieve a SSS (super secret surprise) which could be:
-un"published" works i've written but haven't posted on dA
-preview of the next installment of a story (whatever i have already written normally 4-6pages of the newest chapter that hasnt been posted)
-deleted scenes (aka scenes that i've written but took out of the story that's posted)


twitter: inspiredginger
AO3: theinspiredginger…
LiveJournal: inspiradaginger…
tumblr: a-fanfic-in-a-bottle
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  • Reading: A Sun Also Rises
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Sooooo one thing I've noticed when trying to write for my BBRae stories and why I'm having such trouble with them is how they are written.

I'm simply LOATHING this whole first person present tense bullshit. 

So I propose some options:

1.) I continue this break from bbrae works until i can muster up some time and motivation to write for them
2.) Randomly switch in between chapters from writing in first person present to third person past
3.) Just call it quits now. I know I can't work much longer with these works/projects with them being in this writing style/pov so I could quickly kind of wrap up these works using first person present and have them end with the next chapter.
4.) I could hand off these bbrae works to someone else, and have them continue the story from here on out. 

So tell me what you'd think would be best! I really don't want to abandon these stories and don't think that I have. I still write for these it just hasn't been long enough, or good enough for that matter, to upload. 

I'd really appreciate your feedback! Thanks so much!


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