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June 12, 2010
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Breathe Part 6
* * *
We're walking out of the antique shop when Beast Boy abruptly stops. He's staring off across the street. I try to see what he's looking at but before I can, I see him sprinting across the street. I try to follow what he's doing but I'm frozen in place. I see Raven. She's running towards Beast Boy. She's jumping over a car while Beast Boy is swerving through moving traffic. What's going on? They meet in the island of the boulevard and Raven jumps into his arms. I don't understand. They hate each other and Beast Boy has a girlfriend. Oh.  No. It can't be. I mean no. There's no way. But…….no. No. How? No. this isn't happening. No, no, no! I can feel my heart breaking, or whatever is left of my heart.
* * *
Starfire is giggling at the excitement for Raven's gift. We bought her a Steven King novel; hopefully it's one she hasn't read this one yet. We're walking toward the pizza place when I hear car horns blaring and Starfire gasps. I turn my head to see Beast Boy maneuvering through traffic. What the hell is he running from? I see him stop in the middle of the boulevard. What's he doing? I still hear car horns blaring I turn and look ahead of him and I see Raven. Raven. Isn't she coming home at six? Why's she here? And why is she jumping over cars? She's running towards Beast Boy. And they're kissing. What? What the hell? I turn to look at Starfire but her mouth is just dropped open. I look at Terra across the street and she's standing there crying. Where's Cyborg? I look up and down the street for him. He's in front of the pizza place just shaking his head. So, are they together? No. There's no way. No way in Hell. There must be some reason for this, but what?
* * *
I'm holding red tulips in my hand. I hope Raven will like these I mean they aren't exactly dark or anything but I think she likes tulips. What am I talking about? I have no idea what she likes. I mean other than Beast Boy and Jinx; no one knows what she likes. I asked BB and he said flowers but I can't remember what kind he said. I would have asked Jinx if I had known it would be this hard to pick out flowers.  Damn. I should probably just tell her that I had no idea what to get her.  I don't think she would mind. I don't think even BB would care if I didn't get her something, but Robin would. God knows why. It's like a fricking soap opera here. Speaking of soap operas, what the hell is BB doing? He's running around cars driving 40mph as a human. Where's he going? Wait, is that Raven? Wow. It's interesting how neither of them use their powers to get to each other. Maybe that's what love deprivation does; makes you stupid. Very stupid in this case, considering they are making out with Robin, Starfire and Terra watching. Insane. I can't help but laugh. This is going to be a very interesting day.
* * *
I finally snap back into reality for a split second when intelligence shouts out.

"Hey. You do realize that Robin & Starfire are watching you guys?"  
Love practically slaps her and says, "So, let them watch."  I pull back from Gar and I feel a sharp pain in my heart. Love is laughing.
"That's not funny." I yell at her even though I don't think she's listening.  Gar smiles at me and I can't help but fall back into his arms. I rest my head on his shoulder.
"I think they're watching." I whisper to him.
"I know," He replies and wipes the little tears on my cheek away, "Why are you crying?"
"Tears of joy." I say sheepishly. I missed him uncontrollably and it's just so great to be in his arms.
"Well, maybe we should go tell them."
"I don't think we'll need to anymore but sure." I can't help but laugh a little.
"Oh by the way, Blondie's back from the dead." He says seriously. What? What is he talking about? Who's he talking about? He sees the confusion on my face and he laughs as he says,
"Terra. She's alive and kicking." There's no way. She can't be alive. She's a statue.  A bird poop covered statue.  I thought that kind of meant that she wasn't coming back. And when he says kicking does he mean just the saying or as in she's evil still. I'm confused. I have so many questions but I don't know which one to ask first. Gar once again can read both my mind and my face.
"Yea, I know I didn't think she could come back either. And to believe that Robin is letting her stay in the tower because he trusts her. What a bunch of crap. I mean just because she saved our lives once! I mean she tried to kill us all about 3 or 4 times. Apparently she was able to move the rock with her mind enough to free her hands to free herself. I doubt it. I figure she's been hiding somewhere. And don't ask me about the statue that looks like her because I haven't figured that part out yet. But it's a pretty good theory don't you think?" I'm literally laughing out loud.  He continues on his theory without pausing. He's insane! He's going on this rampage about this theory. I'm guessing he hasn't had many people to talk to since I left. God, I love him.
"How long has she been here?" I say while I'm laughing. He smiles and says,
"Well it's good to see that I can still make you laugh, and she's been here for a horrible three weeks. Robin said we were going to tell you last night that she was here but then he decided to let you come home in three days and then one day so he figured he might as well tell you when you got here. You aren't mad are you?"
"No. I couldn't be mad if I tried! I'm with you aren't I?" I speak honestly as we start to weave through traffic. We make it to the sidewalk. I can see her about 20 feet away and she looks like she's wiping away tears.
"Did I tell you how much I missed you?" He says.
"No. Did I tell you how much I love you?" I say. He laughs and says,
"Well, I missed you so much that I would walk around with one of your socks in my pocket every day.  No joke. And you have told me how much you love me but I think I can bear to hear it again." I laugh really hard and say,
"I love you so much that I can't compare it to anything." I smile at him and we continue to walk until we run into Terra. She looks as if her tears have dried but she's moments away from fresh tears. She looks at me and I can't help but feel bad for her. I mean she thought she had a chance with him and to have that torn apart, let alone that he picked someone he supposedly hated. It must suck. She looks almost scared of me as well.
"Hey, Terra." I say not friendly per say but not mean. It was kind of monotone. I don't want to give her the idea that I like her, but I don't want to the give the impression I hate her either. She looks surprised at my greeting but I'm not sure if it's good or bad surprised. Probably both.
* * *
I'm walking with my arm interlaced with Rae's and Terra is walking on the other side of me but she's almost half a foot away from me, which is quite a skill considering we are walking down a small sidewalk. Raven looks so happy she's glowing. I can't wait to see her when she opens my gift. She keeps looking over at Terra. I'm not sure whether she feels bad for Terra or is mad at her. She has a reason for being mad at her, but I don't really understand why she would ever feel bad for her. I'll talk to her about it later tonight. Cyborg is standing outside the doors of the restaurant with Robin and Starfire. Starfire looks confused as she looks at us; Robin's face is hidden by his mask and Cyborg is struggling to keep a straight face. I bet he's really enjoying this. This lunch should be interesting. Very interesting indeed. We reach the rest of the team and everyone seems nervous except Cyborg, Raven and I. We get a table on the roof top and an awkward silence fills the space. Raven breaks the silence.
"It's great to see you guys. I can't believe it's been 3 months!" It takes a couple seconds for people to gather their thoughts but Cyborg butts in before another awkward silence can settle.
"It's great to see you too Rae! And I don't about you, but I think a very lonely teapot will be happy to see you." CY jokes.
"I'm sure. Being in another city for 3 months kind of cut off ties so fill me in, I've missed a lot."
"You're not the only one." Robin mumbles and I can't help but become pissed off.  I'm about to say something but Raven strokes my arm and calms me down.
"Well," Cyborg starts, "as you can see Terra's back."
"I can see that." She says it almost jokingly.
"It's great to see you again Raven." Terra says with just enough emotion so she doesn't sound like a robot.
"You too, Terra. So how exactly did you free yourself?" Raven smiles.
"Oh, it's really not that interesting."
"No, really I'd like to hear." Raven's being really nice. I wonder what tricks she has up her sleeve.
"Well," She starts out slowly, "I could always hear, think and smell. I could partly see but I was pretty blurry. But I partly figured out how to move the rock with my mind just around my hands so I could get myself out. It took about two years but I got out." There's no way she's smart enough to come up with that, she was hiding somewhere. I just know it.
"Wow. So you can practically bend earth with your mind?"
"No, not exactly. I tried to do it again but I came nowhere close to being able to bend it. I've been trying to practice but I don't get anywhere."
"The mind is very complicated but you shouldn't stop trying." Ok, this is just weird. She's giving Terra advice. Advice? Really? I'm quite interested in her plan now. There's no way she's this nice to TERRA. I mean no way. I wonder what she's thinking.
* * *
I'm sitting at a table with all of my close friends, well excluding Terra, yet no one is really acting like it. It probably wasn't such a good idea to show them our relationship. We should have just told them instead of a dramatic jumping into each other's arms while running through, what I just found out was MOVING traffic. I could have sworn the cars had been parked.  
I'm failing at trying to act normal, especially considering how nice I'm acting to Terra. I don't realize what I'm saying until after I've already said it. I just gave her advice. Advice, really? Gar's warm hand is holding mine under the table. I can't stop smiling because of that and that itself is very abnormal around these guys. No one's really talking as the awkward silence fills the air. Terra can't stop staring at me. I wonder if she can see our hands under the table.
"Who gives a damn if she does?" Confidence is trying to break through the wall Anxious has made.
"I do!" Anxious says timidly.
"Well, I DON'T!" Confidence fights back and while Anxious is considering backing down, Confidence takes control and my emotions and thoughts change rapidly. I mean really, I couldn't care less about Terra at this point in time. I always knew she'd be back; I just didn't know when. I never believed for a second that she was out of our lives for good. I haven't taken a side about whether she becomes a permanent resident at the Tower or not. I don't trust her at all; but it's not like she'll get real far on any plan considering no one trusts her. Just in the last 20 minutes I've spent with them, Robin hasn't let Terra get anywhere near Starfire and Cyborg has ignored Terra this whole time. Gar has been right out mean to her.  Part of me hates her, and the other part feels bad. She's been staring at Gar and we couldn't be flaunting our relationship anymore than we are now.  Do we just simply tell them we're dating? No, we do a Notebook-dramatic reunion. She literally looks clinically depressed. Anger's voice pops into my head; I haven't heard from her since I was at the Hive Academy.
"Why don't you just send her to that dimension you sent Jinx to?  That would be HILARIOUS!!!" Anger is practically having an aneurism she's laughing so hard. Intelligence is annoyed while Love is indifferent. Happy is whistling; Anxious and Confidence are still arguing; Confidence is winning with Brave's help. I wonder why I have the emotions Confidence and Brave, aren't they just the same? Intelligence interrupts the massive noise going on long enough to catch our attention.
"I HAVE THE MOST BRILLIANT PLAN IN THE HISTORY OF PLANS!!!!" Intelligence is thinking so quickly I can't keep up.  All my emotions are talking at once; all wishing the others would shut up.
"What's better than sending her to her own personal hell?" I find both Anger and myself asking.
"Why send her to hell, when we can make one." Intelligence has a smirk so wicked it sends a chill up my spine.
* * *
I'm driving back toward the Titan Tower. Raven left her makeup bag in the backseat. Well technically I hid it so I might get a chance to see CY and then wouldn't have to go straight back to the Hive. I'll just drop it off, go get lunch somewhere and then I'll go back to the Hive. I reach the pier and realize my stupidity. How the hell am I going to get from the pier to the Tower on that island in the middle of the ocean? True, I can see it clearly from here but it's not like I can cartwheel over there. I hate it when I don't think this kind of crap through. Well, what now? I'm not waiting here all day; I just wanted to waste like an hour or two not six. I pull out my cell and I try to call her. I realize her cell is dead when it goes to voicemail. I'll drop it off later. I leave my car parked by the pier and I decide to walk around for awhile. I pass the plaza by about 6 blocks and sit down in the café where CY and I always go.  I'm looking out the window when our usual waitress greets me.

"Where's your other half?" She smiles.
"He's with his friends." I don't mean to sound pissed but it comes out like that. I see her smile fade and her face becomes concerned.
"It's not like that; it's just complicated," I try to explain but her frown doesn't waiver, "Some of his friends don't know we're dating." She continues to stare me down with her concern stricken face. I really don't feel like explaining this today. I'm way too tired for this.
"My choice." I follow up. She looks away but then hesitantly whispers,
"I saw him buy flowers today."
"Yea?" I must sound like a 6th grade drop -out but I don't understand what she's talking about.
"Did he give you the flowers?" She tilts her head and raises one of her eyebrows.  Does it look like I have fucking flowers in my hand?
"No?" I ask like a complete idiot. She nods and I'm still confused.
"Well, I….I saw him…..he gave them to that Raven girl." Yea, he gave the flowers to Raven; what the hell is she getting at? That CY would be cheating on me? Yea, sure.
"He hugged her." She whispers so low I can barely hear her.
"Don't you care?"
"About what?" I ask but she just sighs and walks away. Without taking my order. Not that I was going to order anything but still.
* * *
Raven is smiling. I've never seen her smile; maybe smirk but only at my expense. This is just great. Not to mention she's actual being nice to me. The person who hated me the most likes me more than Beast Boy does. I might actually get to stay but I really don't want to anymore. Not if I have to deal with seeing them together all the time. But maybe they'll break up; I mean there is no way that they are in love. It's just a fling that Raven will end and break BB's heart and I'll be there to pick up the pieces.  Yes that's what I'll do. Robin is awkwardly stirring his soda with his straw while Cyborg is teasing Raven about something.
"Little Miss. Rae, did you miss me?"
"Of course. But you know who I didn't miss at all, was that freak Cyborg! Don't tell him, but I can't stand him! And I have to see him today!!!!" Raven chuckles.
"Oh believe me, if anyone knows how weird he is it's me!!! I spend like every second of everyday with him! That freak!" Cyborg can't keep a straight face anymore and he just bursts out laughing as does Beast Boy and Raven. Robin continues to sit and observe. Starfire is beginning to loosen up and starts to talk about what's happen since Raven left. When she gets to the part about me, she literally skips it to when Raven got here. Nice. I pick at the pizza in front of me. What does Beast Boy see in her anyways? I start to study Raven, she's prettier than I remember or maybe that's just because I've never really paid much attention to her before. She looks down as she blushes. I'm not sure why she's blushing because I haven't been paying attention to the conversation.  
* * *
Raven's talking about her 3 months at the Hive, and she has some pretty interesting stories. Not to mention her friendship with Jinx. I can tell that Robin doesn't like this but it's not like he can talk with it being his fault that Terra's sitting at the table. But I trust Jinx because if both Raven and Cyborg trust her than she might as well join the Titans now. I wonder when CY is going to tell Robin that he's dating Jinx. Not anytime soon. I mean Robin is already pissed about Rae and I. I'm guessing another secret relationship wouldn't go over well. Raven passes me a slice of veggie pizza. Raven is looking around, for a waitress I'm guessing.  I notice her ice tea glass is empty and I hand her mine. She declines at first but after some persuading she takes a couple sips.  Robin starts to talk for the first time this lunch.
"Well, as a welcome home present Star and I got you this, sorry it isn't wrapped." He looks almost embarrassed. I was guessing he would be mad.
"You guys didn't have to get me anything, really." Raven tries to hand it back to them but Star practically forces her to open it. It's a Stephen King novel. Isn't that creative. So wonder Robin looks embarrassed.  Raven smiles wide and thanks them but I can tell that she's not sure how to take it. I can't wait for her to open my gift, but I want to give it to her privately. Terra looks anxious while Cyborg hands some red tulips to Raven.
"I wasn't sure what kind you liked, so I thought red tulips would be nice but I really had no idea what I was doing at the florist." Cyborg laughs.
"They're beautiful, but you really didn't have to." She tries to explain but CY just shakes his head. Terra looks down and after a couple seconds looks up.
"I'm sorry Raven, but I didn't have time to get you a present. I was shopping when you arrived." Terra says the word "arrived" softly. Of course she doesn't get her anything, because she was too busy trying to flirt with me. Now her stupid self is sitting here without a present looking like a jackass. But then again she doesn't have to do much to achieve that.
"Thank you. At least someone didn't get me a present." Raven gives everyone a dirty look, but she stops and stares at me with her eyebrows raised.
"What?" I say and can't help smiling.
"You know what." And I can't argue with that.
* * *
Intelligence is practically doing a victory lap in my head. Her quote, "Brilliant plan", isn't exactly evil but I guess it has the potential to being a mentally damaging and painful hell. Her plan is to be nice to Terra; Terra will think that even the person who hated her most likes her more than Gar does. I mean that must be heart breaking.  I've been putting this plan into effect and she seems to get more and more sad. It's working.  After lunch, we go back to the Tower. It's only 3:30pm but I'm pretty tired. Gar and I walk into the living room and flop on the couch. Terra goes and sits on the very end of the couch. I grab the remote and flip through the channels. There are a couple movies on but not much. I toss the remote to Gar. He flips through and settles on Rush Hour 3.   It feels like a couple minutes but when I look at the clock it says 5:16pm. I can't help but glance over at Terra who is a little too engaged the movie. Cy comes in and jumps onto the couch.
"C'mon now! It's Rae's first night back! We can't just hang around the house all day! Now, I get that you guys just want to chill for a little bit and that's cool. But at 8:30 be ready to party, cuz there's a new club opening downtown and it opens at 9 and with traffic we won't have a whole lot of time to get there! We gotta truly welcome Rae home!" I was tired but this sounds like fun, and I haven't gone out much lately. Gar looks excited but looks at me for approval.
"Sounds great!" I say and start to get up. Even if I don't have to be ready until around 8pm, I should probably unpack first then get ready. Gar gets up as well, and follows me to my room. I open the door and walk in. it smells great and it's so neat.  Don't remember it being so clean. Even when I came in to get my stuff I didn't notice it, I guess I was distracted. I sit on my bed for a couple of seconds and Gar sits beside me. He pulls something out of his pocket; it's a red velvet box. Jesus! Not another present! The last thing I need is for him to get me something. The fact that he loves me is already amazing but anything more is just asking for something to go wrong.
"Gar, you really didn't need to get me anything. Especially you! I mean you are already perfect, how am I supposed to keep up?" He shakes his head while ignoring me.
"Just open it, trust me." I smile as I take it from his hands. I slowly open it to see the locket. It's the locket I've looked at for years! It's the golden oval one, with black engraving on it. I pull it out and I'm so shocked I can't speak. I hold it up and stare at it. Gar interrupts my thoughts,
"Open it." I carefully open the locket and there are two pictures of us in it. One is from the strip of pictures from the photo booth at the carnival last summer. And the second one is a picture of us on our island. I'm moments away from crying. I immediately put it on and I wrap my arms around Gar.
"I'm guessing you like it?" he says.
"Love it." I say into his shirt. After a couple minutes I pull away and start to unpack my suitcase.  Gar helps me hang my clothes and puts on my iPod. He has it on shuffle and the first song that comes on is by Simple Plan. After getting all my clothes put away, I realize my makeup bag is missing. I look in my other bag and my purse but it's not in there. I look under the bed but I can't find it. Gar asks me what I'm looking for. I tell him and he suggests that I just buy the essentials for tonight and get it from Jinx tomorrow. But I really don't want to have to go out and buy it. It's not like I want to borrow lime green eyeliner from Starfire. Looks like Terra is my only choice.
* * *
I just get back from Starfire's room with a dress that she let me borrow. I think I'd look better in a paper bag but it's not like I can't wear it. I'm sitting on my bed in the guest room and straightening my hair. I'm just about done when there's a knock on the door. It's probably Robin telling me I have 10 minutes to pack my stuff and leave. I open the door and am surprised to see Raven. She's in sweats and a tank-top…..I don't think I've ever seen her so casual…ever. She smiles which kind of scares me. A lot.
"Hey, I'm sorry to ask but could I borrow some of your makeup? I left my in Jinx's car." She asks. She asking……she's asking….for a favor…..from me? Wow.  
"Uh, sure.  Come in." I stutter.  I shouldn't have said come in; it's her house, her guest bedroom which means she has more of a right to be in here than I do. She walks in and I hand her my bag.
"You can just give it back when you're done." I say.
"No, it's ok. I'll just do it here, if you don't mind?" She asks with concern….concern?
"That's cool with me." This is just getting really awkward for me now. Maybe this is a chance to get to know her. She's putting on liquid eyeliner to make not as dramatic cat eyes. I can see her reflection in the mirror. I figure I might as well start to put my make-up on.  I walk over to the mirror and grab some purple eye shadow. I start to put it on but it looks like shit on with my bleach blonde hair. I start to rub it off when I see Raven looking at me from the corner of her eye. Great, I look like a complete spaz; she'll probably tell Beast Boy all about my epic failure of a face. She grabs a tube of volume mascara and applies it while I put on some gold eye shadow.  The gold doesn't look great but it's a hell of a lot better than the purple. Raven digs through my cosmetic bag and pulls out a tube of pink lip gloss. She looks at it for a while and puts a little on. She laughs and wipes it off.
"It's not exactly my color." She's practically crying she's laughing so hard. She continues to dig through my cosmetic bag and she pulls out a tube of dark plume lipstick. I remember I used that for a Halloween costume a couple years back. I looked like an ugly hag.  The plume lipstick made my hair look yellow and my eyes like some puke colored green. But the lipstick on Raven matches her hair and eyes; it makes her skin look like porcelain. Her violet eyes stand out with the black eyeliner. Suddenly the locket around her neck catches my eye. Beast Boy, gave her the locket; not me. I can't help but wonder if this is just another sign that I'll never be as good as her.  
* * *
I finish buttoning my black shirt. I roll up the sleeves to my elbow as Raven walks through the door. She looks beautiful and I feel so proud to see the locket around her neck. She grabs a bottle of black nail polish and puts a fresh coat on her nails. She smiles while sitting on the bed and looks at me. I walk over and sit next to her. She kisses my cheek and holds the locket in her hand. We both just smile and we don't have to say anything. Raven gets up and goes into her closet. She pulls out a black and white strapless dress. She slips it on and has me zip it up. She goes pulls out some black heels but puts them back and pulls out some flats. She puts the flats back and pulls the heels out again. She stares at them for a couple seconds then puts them on. I chuckle a little and she looks over at me.
"What?" she asks.
"You. You're so funny." She just rolls her eyes and grabs some money from her wallet and puts it in her studded clutch.  I look at the clock; it's 7:39pm. We have about twenty minutes to kill until we have to be in the car. Raven is smiling as she sits back down on the bed. We sit there listening to her iPod while she leans on my shoulder. We watch the clock tick to 7:46pm and decide to get to up and go down to the living room. As we're walking I see Terra come out of the guest bedroom. She's wearing this hideous yellow dress. I'm not sure where the dress starts and her hair ends; she looks like that yellow teletubby. Damn. What a mess.
* * *
Terra is wearing this yellow halter top dress.
Anger: She is so stupid.
Happiness: She looks like Big Bird! HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA
Intelligence: Well, revenge won't be so hard after all.
Sarcasm: Maybe she'll let you borrow that dress.
I can't help but agree with my emotions. What the hell was she thinking? She looks embarrassed. I won't say anything rude, but I won't say anything nice. I just won't say anything to Big Bird, I mean Terra.  This whole complicated revenge plan is going to be very interesting. She half smiles and starts to walk towards us. Gar whispers into my ear but I can't really tell what he said. I heard the words yellow and teletubby so I'm guessing he's talking about her dress. We get down to the garage and get into the car. CY, Robin and Star are already in the T-car.  We get in and strap our seat belts.
"You're early! Great because I think there's traffic going uptown." I thought the club was downtown.
"Cyborg, why are we going uptown?" Robin asks.  Cyborg looks at me through the rearview mirror and gets a devilish smile on his face.
"Yea, well I thought that Rae would want ALL of her friends to be at her welcome home party."
"You didn't!" I burst out like some valley girl. He smiles and says,
"I did! I heard she had an apartment and through my awesome Cyborgness I got her number and told her we'd pick her up and go to the club!" Robin doesn't look happy. Gar looks excited, Starfire is smiling as usual and Terra just keeps looking at her yellow horror of a dress.  We pull out of the driveway and fly over to the pier. Once we get onto land again we drive about twenty minutes until we reach a long strip of condos and shops. Jinx is waiting outside in a bright purple dress with a black belt. She smiles and walks over to the car I open the door and we squeeze her in. I'm pretty sure it's illegal to have 7 people in a car that sits five. I'm sitting on Gar's lap and my seat just got a little harder……wow. This is going to be a very interesting evening.  Jinx is pushed up against the door and window while she tries to figure out if putting on the seatbelt is really worth the hassle. She decides it isn't. Robin is the first one to speak which is unusual.
"So, Jinx. It's nice to meet under…..nicer circumstances. I guess." He's trying to be casual but you can tell that he's really uncomfortable. Jinx notices but ignores it.
"You're saying you haven't liked chasing me around the city? I thought you liked villain friends."  She laughs.
* * *
Can you spell awkward? I'm sitting squished in between Beast Boy, Raven and Terra. Terra? Really? I thought that bipolar chick was dead.  I really don't need any more of that bitch's drama. I've heard rumor s about her; everyone at the Hive has.  But I've been through her shit personally. Even the villains totally against the Titans like the Titans more than her. She is a total backstabber; both to the Titans and anyone else she came into contact with. God, when she first came into town she stopped by my condo asking for food; I gave her $40 bucks and a Jamba Juice gift card.
Next day I come home to find my door wide open and all my stuff gone. All I had was a sofa, bed and lights. Even the fridge was gone. She took all my clothes and jewelry; like my butterfly comb. I had to track that bitch down and take all my stuff back. I ditched her into the desert to let her fight some gigantic scorpion only for the Teen Titans to show up and save the god damned day. I still haven't gotten my butterfly comb back. I whisper to Raven,
"Blondie's back from the dead?" She rolls her eyes and nods. I heard her complain about Terra too. I remember when they were trying to throw us in jail that Terra could never work well with Raven. They were always arguing; mostly because of Beast Boy I guess.  
Cyborg keeps smiling at me through the rearview mirror. I can't help but smile back. Before I know it we are pulling up next to the club. Cyborg hands the keys to the valet unwillingly. We walk down the stairs into a dark room with strobe lights and flashing colors. The music is blasting and there are hundreds of people dancing. Raven holds my hand and drags me onto the dance floor with both CY and Beast boy in toe.  I look behind me to see Blonde Bitch wiggling through the crowd in some pee colored dress. Starfire is pushing behind her and Robin follows. I lose sight of them as we continue to dance and move to the front where the band is playing. Beast Boy whispers something into Raven's ear and she laughs and vigorously shakes her head no. Beast Boy nods again and again but Raven just blushes and continues to shake her head. Beast Boy grabs her hand pulls her onto the stage with him. The band continues to play while they dance on top of the stage.
I laugh and Cyborg grabs my hand and twirls me around into his arms. We dance like this for what feels like an eternity. I hear the band's lead singer ask for a round of applause for Raven and Beast Boy. I clap with Cyborg as they both jump of stage. Raven is slapping Beast Boy's shoulder as they walk through the crowd and he just laughs and teases her. They come over to us and Cy gives him a high five. Raven rolls her eyes, but Beast Boy just laughs and says, "C'mon Rae I know you had fun doing that! You can't lie to me." She smiles and looks away. She shakes her head and asks me if I would go with her to get something to drink with her. I follow her to the bar and see Terra at the other end starring at us. I nudge Raven and she spots Terra.  Terra has about 6 empty martini glasses surrounding her.  She looks miserable and drunk. She stands and walks towards us. If looks could kill, we'd be dead right now.
"You bitch," She slurs to Raven, "Why are you dating him?" Damn if she said that to me, I would have killed her right then and there but Raven's response surprises me.
"I think you of all people know, Terra." She says sweetly not bitter at all. Terra just stutters back,
"He likes me better." I would have slapped her multiple times by now.
"Ok." Raven says; she grabs her coke and walks away.  I follow in awe.
* * *
I just see Raven walk away from Blondie, who is wobbling around. I walk over and give Rae a big hug. She kisses my shoulder and pulls away.
"What happened?" I ask and I can feel my blood pressure rising. If that bitch said or did something I swear to god….
"Nothing, Terra's just a little drunk." I see Jinx's shocked face for a split second before she regains their cover.
"Seriously?" I'm not really asking.
"Seriously." She's not really answering but obviously she can handle herself so I'm not going to freak out about it. Cyborg comes through the crowd.
"Miss Rae, would u mind if I stole Jinx for awhile?" Cyborg says and Rae just smiles and nods. After they leave I hint,
"Miss? I think we need to change that."
"Maybe we do." She smiles as she pulls me back onto the dance floor.  
* * *
Somewhere between 3 am and 5 am was when we got home. I don't even remember what happened after Terra cursed me out. I remember dancing, more dancing, dancing on the stage, talking to Jinx, getting yelled at by Terra, and Gar asking me to marry him in code. After that I don't know what happened. I'm staring at the ceiling and I realize I have no clothes on. I am also noticing the sheets and blankets on the floor with numerous rips and tears. I roll over to see Gar lying there. I take a couple minutes to look at him peacefully sleep. The sun is shining through my window onto his emerald skin and I watch him breathe.  I start to remember glimpses of last night but not fully. I remember coming into my room and laughing and I remember kissing him and getting into bed. But I don't remember anything else. I'm confused at this point. I can't tell what's dream and what reality is. I definitely remember a dream of doing something. I look across the room to see both of our clothes from the night before scattered on the floor chair and desk. Uh -oh.
I slowly get out of bed so I don't wake Gar. I slip on some sweats and a tee. I jog down to the kitchen and put some Pop-Tarts in the toaster oven. I take out my kettle and fill it with water. I set in on the burner while I take down a cup. Terra is sitting on the couch with her arms wrapped around her legs.  Her eyes are bloodshot and she looks really tired. She doesn't notice me and even though I'm upset that she yelled at me I honestly don't care. I mean it's not like I wasn't expecting it. The timer goes off for the pop-tarts. I pull them out and set them on the plate. I see her look up at me. She gets up and walks over to me.
"Have anything else to say? Better do it now before Beast Boy wakes up." I snarl. I can't help but spill the vile that's filling my mind.
"I am so sorry Raven. I was totally wasted and was just…." I cut her off, and say
"Just what? Saying what you're actually thinking? But it took some liquid courage to say it I see." I turn around and pour my tea into the cup.
"Why didn't you tell Beast Boy?" She's asking me but she certainly expects an answer.  Too bad for her I guess.
* * *
She shrugs and sips her tea. She picks up the plate of Pop-Tarts and tries to leave but I block her.
"No BS, Raven. Tell me." I'm not sure if I've sobered up yet.
"What good will it do you? None.  So just leave me alone." She disappears through the floor and appears at the elevator doors. She walks out without looking back. I sit back down and turn on the TV.  I hear footsteps coming down the hallway.
* * *
I walk into the living room and Terra is sitting on the couch. She smiles at me and winks. This bitch is still trying to flirt with me! God she will never get the damn message. I hear someone coming down the hall and the elevator door opening. The next thing I know, Terra is in my lap kissing me. I try to push her away but she clings on tighter. I shove her so hard that when she hits the floor there's a huge crack. I step away from her at first but then charge towards her. Her blonde hair is in her face as she lies on the floor. She looks scared as she weakly tries to defend herself; even though she isn't fighting back. She starts calling Raven a bitch and a slut and I lose myself. I feel my emotions taking over; I see my hands turn to claws. I hear my voice turn to a growl.  I'm about to rip her to pieces when Raven steps in between us.
"Stop! Gar please! Stop!" Raven's pleading and shouting at the same time. I'm so angry I can feel the Beast inside me getting harder to control. I control it though and I struggle to morph back. I will never let It Raven. My breathing starts to slow down and I walk towards her. She wraps her arms around me and whispers into my ear. She just keeps saying, "I love you. She isn't worth it. I love you. Just be calm." Her voice gets more and more jagged and quieter.  I slowly can start to regain control of all my emotions. Her speech is so interrupted it sounds as if she's hyperventilating. It's then that I realize Raven is crying.
"Don't cry! I didn't kiss her back, I promise! I love you! Know that please!" I try to hug her tighter to comfort her when I notice her arms are bleeding from where my hands….my CLAWS are.  She's bleeding and she crying. She keeps screaming,
I wake up screaming. I'm drenched in sweat.  I look around and Raven s here. I jump out of bed to see our clothes thrown all over the room. I grab a pair of jeans and run out the door. I jog down to the elevator but it's busy. I run to the stairs and sprint up two flights. I walk through the living room doors and see that disgusting bitch sitting on the sofa. It feels a little bit too much like the dream.
* * *
Beast Boy comes through the doors and jogs into the kitchen. He turns around and walks over to me.
"Have you seen Rae?"  Have you seen Rae? It disgusts me. I could tell him I just saw her and that she went back to their room. Or I could tell him I haven't seen her at all which would be an obvious lie.
"She just left to grab something, but she said to wait here." Technically I didn't tell the truth but I didn't exactly lie either. He sits next to me on the couch but doesn't say anything. I snicker to myself at the marvelous plan that's forming in my mind. If she comes back to find Beast Boy sitting with me, she'll think that BB is flirting with me; BB will obviously deny it which will make it even more convincing! Maybe if I get him to touch my arm or something. Make I could fake an injury or something. Something! Anything!
"Hey BB, I really hurt my neck last night, do you think you could look to see if it's swollen?"
"I know you said something to Rae. She won't tell me what or even that you said anything at all. Therefore I have no proof or justification to rip your face off. So unless you want to give me a reason to accidently snap your neck I would advise to get the hell away from me." I just sit there. He gets up and sits at the breakfast bar counter.  I'm shocked at how wrong this plan is going. He doesn't do anything and neither do I. I try to think of some way to revive this plan but decide just to leave it.
* * *
I feel sort of hung over or it might just be a headache from talking to Terra. I feel like just relaxing today. I really can't take anymore drama. I walk into my room and Beast Boy isn't there. I walk back to the living and I see him sitting at the breakfast bar. He immediately gets up and gives me a giant bear hug; well minus the being an actual bear part. He buries his head into my hair and whispers something inaudible. He waits a long time before releasing me. When he does I don't let go. He hugs me again and this time I can hear what he says.
"I love you, know that." He tries to cover up his shaky voice. I look at him with concern and he just shakes his head.
"Tell me. You can tell me anything." He looks at me like he wants to tell me but looks away. I see Terra sitting on the couch.
"Anything. Even about her." I get his attention and he pulls me through the automatic doors. We're out in the hallway when he says,
"I had a dream, well it was more like a nightmare but whatever and it upset me." He pauses and I can tell that he doesn't want to tell me what it's about and he shouldn't have to. He loves me and that's all that matters.
"You don't have to tell me.  I get it." I say with concern.
"It's not about her, really. It's about…me I guess. I just am overreacting." He looks at me and I can tell he's telling the truth, or at least what he thinks is the truth which is good enough for me.  I kiss him and I hear someone clear their throat. It's Robin.
* * *
These jackasses could have told me they were dating, or are dating. I mean they act like I would freak out or something. I mean ya it's gonna take me awhile to get used to it but they could have let me in. They told Cyborg even though they all deny it. I can't believe they've been dating for a year! That can't be true! I mean they could never make it that long. There's no way, it's just no possible. And do they even wait a couple weeks to start introducing us to public displays of affection? Of course not, here they are making out in the middle of the hallway. Well, damn. I just realized BB was telling the truth when he said he had a girlfriend. Oh, Fuck. And so was Raven. Dammit. But didn't she say they broke up? Or was she just saying that? Dammit. See this is why you let your FRIENDS in on this shit. I mean ya I didn't really make a public announcement about Star and I but that's really not the point because that is totally different! I mean I'm the team leader! I can't show favoritism! Well dammit. Urgh. Well this makes that whole "not-a-blind-date-but-I'm-making-you-go-out-with-Terra-once-because-i-don't-believe-u-could-actually-have-a-girlfriend" thing awkward. Did I really just clear my throat? God, could I be any more of a prick? Beast Boy looks as if he wants to strangle me and Raven just looks annoyed. And not her usual I-hate-the-world-annoyed it's the I-was-happy-before-you-had-to–screw-it-up annoyed. Great. Well I'm certainly not making any friends today.

* * *
I see Robin awkwardly watching BBRae hug.  Doesn't this guy know where to draw the line at invasive? Urgh. I really need to get him or BBRae out of the house. BB is in a really bad mood; I can just tell. Maybe I'll get Robin out of his hair so they can just relax as a couple.
"Hey Robin!" I shout and he turns with relief on his face. Poor guy.
"Yea?" He replies.
"There's a new movie coming out today, wanna catch it with me?" I figure now's the best time to tell him about Jinx and I. I mean I don't want my secret relationship to end the way BBRae's did. Because that is just plain awkward.
"Sure! Now?"
"Yea! C'mon unless if you wanna miss all the awesome previews. Let's go!" Beast Boy gives me this look that just says, "Thank you for getting him the bleepity bleep bleep away from me."  I smile and nod as Raven just looks so relieved.
* * *
I'm in my condo replaying all the events that happened last night. I need to remember to call Raven and give her cosmetic bag back; I can't believe I forgot to give it to her again. I also want to hang out with her at the beach this Friday. It's supposed to be really nice weather. I need some more girl time. I feel like Cyborg is pulling away. Last night he would dance with me but whenever a slow dance came on he would make some lame ass excuse why he needed to leave. And he refused to kiss or hug me the whole night. He kept looking around as if he didn't want anyone to see us.  I'm pretty sure it was just because he hasn't told Robin or Starfire that we're dating but I just need some reassurance. My phone vibrates on the dresser and I drag myself of the couch to get it. It's Cyborg. The text says:
Pack ur bags. Ur moving in…..i think.
What the hell is that supposed to mean?  I text back question marks and he replies;
I told Robin. He was shocked but says that its cool  i'm guessing that means u can move in I mean not like this second but sometime within the next couple months
Well shit. He could have told me he was telling them; not that I care it's just like I would like some notice about this stuff. I text him back a smiley face and a thumbs up. I'm quite surprised to say the least. I grab my phone and call Raven. Once again it goes to voicemail because she hasn't charged it yet. I leave a voicemail teasing her about the new invention of wall sockets and chargers but I don't really mention the whole moving in thing. That's not really a voicemail convo.
* * *
I'm lying on my bed with Gar next to me. He starts laughing for no apparent reason. I know he'll tell me why even if I don't ask; but I'll ask anyway.
"What's so funny?"  He continues to laugh and rolls over.
"I love you. You love me. Forever and always."
"How's that so funny?" I tease.
"We are the freaks of the world. Isn't it ironic that we fell in love? I mean you fell in love with some green skinned, pointy eared freak that shape shifts into animals that are green."
"Well one you are green so of course the animals you become are green. And more importantly you fell in love with some emotion challenged sorceress that constantly belittled you. Isn't that strange?"
"Exactly! We were the perfect match from the beginning and we never knew it! True, I loved you from afar from the start but to think that you did too is just insane. It's a miracle. Except that it wasn't. if that makes any sense. Which it doesn't but still."
"No I get it. Because it was our destiny to love without result until now. It makes us appreciate our relationship even more. Not to mention the time we spent apart."
"We already have a future; Aries and Athena. We will be in love forever."
"Of course we will."
"So marry me."
Breathe Part 6! hope you enjoy this! i added a couple more POVs in this. sorry it took me so long! Finals, Parties, projects, hw, family stuff and god knows what else i've complained about have kept me VERY busy. sorry also because i finished part 6 early yesterday but it was WAY to close to the end where i stopped and it skipped a bunch of details that i thought needed to be in there so i had to delete like 4 pages and redo the ending. hope you guys like it! comment!!!!!! please?

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